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  • Plan B Hospitality Rincon, Georgia Data Management

Our Hospitality & Management Consultants Turn Data into Profit

When should you raise room rates to earn more revenue because demand in your area is higher?
When should you drop rates to fill rooms because demand is lower?
The wrong choices will cost you money, while the right choices will maximize your revenue and profit on every reservation.
And there is only one comprehensive tool available to help you: a customized action plan from Plan B Hospitality. Brands don't offer anything as complete. Neither does STAR. We use special algorithms to carefully analyze and interpret data from a wide variety of sources.
Then we develop a detailed monthly report that is based on facts, not on guesses or hunches or past history. You immediately know what to do - what's working and what needs to be tweaked.
We also recommend immediate changes in rates on your hotel website so you stay competitive with your changing local marketplace. Data is worthless if you do not turn it into action. Promptly and properly.

How We Boost Your Performance

Here is some of the information we interpret and analyze - and turn into an action plan that improves your hotel's performance and profitability:
  • Current searches and booking trends on popular OTA websites, such as:
  • Types of rooms that guests are looking for - by type of bed, as well as by special amenities like in-room sitting areas
  • Most and least popular days of the week
  • Rates and booking volumes from your Property Management System (PMS), as well as at competitive hotels in your area
  • Special local holidays, festivals, and celebrations
  • Approaching weather, notably severe storms like hurricanes and blizzards
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