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The Best Measure Of Performance Is Satisfied Clients

Our ability to add more room nights and more revenue for your hotel is unmatched. Period.


That’s not bragging. We’re simply repeating what many of our valued and satisfied customers tell us.

To prepare for our initial consultation (discussion) and to help you make decisions about enhancing your revenue, here are some questions to consider:

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Our OTA placement and bookings have improved dramatically thanks to Plan B’s online reservation services. We’re getting very, very valuable advantages over our competitive set at our franchised hotels in urban areas of western Pennsylvania plus at our Best Western in rural northern Florida.


My revenue is more than double what I spend with Plan B. That’s a return on investment of 200% or higher – sometimes much higher.”

H. Patel, MBA

Kiran Hotels

Owners who have increased annual revenue by $40,000 or more include:

Everyone promises results. But we’ve been delivering on our promises since 2005.

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