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Ever Wonder How Expedia Decides Where To Rank Your Hotel?

And, Want To Know How You Can Move Up Your Position?

Your hotel ranking on Expedia is based on an algorithm score of three categories:

  • 60% value is given to guest reviews – the more positive ones, the better your score

  • 30% value is given to “offer strength" – namely, how competitive is your rate in your market

  • 10% value is given to the content of your hotel profile and website – for example, is your property information accurate and are photos attractive, up-to-date

At Plan B, our services focus on improving these three categories – and more:

  • Guest reviews – we monitor your guest review EVERY DAY and respond quickly with personalized, detailed answers – this helps you move up on Expedia plus it avoids penalties as high as $150 from your brand

  • Competitive rates – we use proprietary algorithms to constantly track your hotel, your competitors, and your market, then we suggest when to raise your rates and when to drop rates so you can maximize revenue and profit on every booking

  • Content – we manage your OTA hotel profile to keep all information and photos current

Ready To Move Up, Stand Out & Cash In?

Let’s Have A No Cost, No Obligation Discussion. TODAY!

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