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Collaborating with Plan B 

You may be asking why you should spend money with us for things your brand is already doing for you.
The simple answer is that your brand is NOT doing what you think it's doing - or what it should be doing for you.
Franchisors are about protecting their brands, not about protecting your hotel.  Their priorities dilute your revenue dramatically, for example, under "book direct" loyalty programs when:    
  • Discounts as high as 25% draw bookings away from OTAs that cost you 13% to 18% in commissions
  • Favoritism drives reservations to the property that is best for the brand rather than best for the traveler
President Of Plan B Hospitality Consulting

We Correct These Problems - And Many Others

Specifically, our customized services:


  • -Raise your visibility on the internet
  • -Improve your ranking on search results
  • -Keep your web information current, correct, and consistent on all sites
  • -Analyze your market data to maximize RevPAR every day


And our unmatched 100% refund guarantee means we don't make money unless you make money. 

You will earn $3 more in revenue for every $1 you spend on our services.  That's an ROI of 300% in one year.  If not, you get a full refund. 
You win either way - with higher revenue or with a full refund. 

You didn't go into business to be average - don't settle for an average reservations service.

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